It is often said that, “The Building Service industries which pertain to Constructions and Maintenance Management and which indeed has now become a discipline in itself”. These are often considered to be the important phase which serves as an integral element for most of the Planning, Designing, Implementation, Commissioning and equally maintenance of any building. We adopt integrated project management, for the projects we handle and the dedicated team help the clients towards minimizing costs, and of creating values and enhancing productivity.


Who We Are

Emerging Leaders in Engineering, Energy and Project Management Consultancy

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have a vision to do things differently and eventually contribute to saving the planet earth. We also are instrumental in improving the health and comfort of the people as well as to the local economy.

Why US

We are a Project Management consultant dealing with Engineering and Energy Consulting. We have our services offered in the disciplines of: Mechanical, Electrical, and Green Building Services. Alongside this, we are also involved in Building Condition Assessments & Commissioning, LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, and Environmental services, Low carbon Assessment, Engineering Design Reviews and Supervision.

The quality assurance for the customers

We earnestly look forward to the quality delivery of our projects and we have been addressing every detail which goes towards the construction process and maintain the best practices which define quality

Our Approach

Our approach has been to collaborate with partners, which we are tangibly doing since the last 20 years We have got our experience and technical expertise in delivering a wide range of services in Various markets.

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Retails & Supermarkets
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Fit-Out & Franchise
  • Luxury Villas
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Retrofit & Refurbishment


 At a time when the entire world is grappling with a severe energy crisis, the need for an uninterrupted supply of clean electricity becomes utmost necessary and equally a prerequisite. The clean electricity of the clean energy is the one which comes from the renewable energy, zero emission sources that do not pollute the atmosphere when used, as well as energy saved by energy efficiency measures.

Our Sustainable solution Creates value to our Clients in terms Environmental, Social and Economic benefits through reduced Carbon emission and Improving Health and Comfort of the People and communities.

Digital Solutions

At Envision360, we are committed to empowering innovation. Our cloud-based digital solutions increase your competitiveness, flexibility, cost efficiency and quality by giving you access to enterprise-class technology and services. These solutions resolve various issues and cater to diverse requirements related to Project, Construction Management, Quality, Field management and facilities management.

Our Digital Solution Creates Value to our Clients in terms of Time and Cost through Faster Issues resolution, Improved Communications and Better productivity.

We’re committed to help clients

  • Integrity: We work with absolute integrity with the client and the client-based specifications. Our process would be integrated with honesty, fairness and maintaining absolute ethical code.
  • Sustainability: We always cater to our services with absolute sustainability, and we profoundly believe in enhancing the quality of life and strive towards protecting the environment.
  • Collaboration: We absolutely believe in transparency and we collaborate with various service vendors and get involved in dynamic partnerships and share ideas, knowledge and expertise.
  • Digital Transformation: The Digital Transformation is the need of the hour and much required to carry out the business transaction with ease, we engage in an elaborate Digital Transformation.
  • Digital Innovation: The Digital Innovation makes us get into an innovative approach through applying the best technology that is made available today. Technical Optimization is what we believe in.

Our Work Flow


Send us the project requirement


Our Team will work on your requirement as per codes and standards


Our team will get back to you with technical advice